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The O-X Visa for Long Term Retirement in Thailand

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the Thai O-X Visa. 

Strictly speaking I have already done a video on this channel. It is titled the Thai 10-year Retirement Visa so those watching this video can go check that out and get some more information. The actual regulatory name of that type of visa is what is called an O-X Visa as opposed to O-A which is the standard retirement visa renewable on a yearly basis; the extensions thereof are renewable on a yearly basis.

The O-X visa is slightly different than the O-A visa, than the standard retirement visa, in that it is issued and granted a validity  of 10 years to the recipient upon approval.  The other thing that is notably different about the O-X visa is, well first of all you must be 50 years of age to be apply for it; that's a similarity with a retired normal retirement visa, the O-A category.  Another big difference is one has to be able to show 3 million baht in a bank account in Thailand for the first year and then 1.5 million for the second year that it is issued and then thereafter the 10-year validity will be granted.  

There are some rules with respect to how the validity is granted.  It is my understanding currently it is in a 5 year/5 year incrementation. That being said this could be a really beneficial visa for those that are over 50 and have the financial resources to place money in Thailand.  It should be noted that those funds have to be placed on account at a bank in Thailand and that the funds need to be spent only in Thailand so if one is in the Kingdom and utilizing those funds to live on, that's fine, but it can't just be brought in and then wired back out immediately thereafter.   

So the thing to take away from this video is the O-X is the regulatory title of the 10-year Retirement Visa. I did another video on this channel about 10-year retirement visas quite some time ago in further detail but I wanted to go ahead and do this video because I have gotten some questions on that and people didn't realize that this category name is the same as that 10-year retirement visa.