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Is Online 90 Day Reporting Possible for Long Term Thai Visa Holders?

Transcript of the above video:

In this video, I'm going to briefly discuss a question that's come up. It's not even a question so much sometimes, just sort of a rhetorical statement that I hear from folks and that is "Is online 90-day reporting of one's address possible in Thailand?"

Let's first of all discuss what we are talking about with respect to 90-day reporting. Well, 90-day reporting is a requirement in the Kingdom of Thailand on a non-immigrant visa of any category. Every 90 days must report their address to their local immigration office if they have not left the Kingdom within the past 90 day timespan. So to be clear, if one's been in Thailand over the course of a 90-day period, departed the Kingdom and come back and at some point of 90 days, the 90-day reporting requirement restarts at every point when on re-enters the country just to be clear on that.

But it's come up over the years that has been mentioned by various immigration authorities that 90-day reporting will become an online function. As of the time of this filming and to be the best of my knowledge, this is not currently possible. I think the issue is implementation of such a system as quite frankly, I think it's a fairly overloaded database with respect to this information. I don't even know if any or all of this database at least in the Bangkok province area is even digitized in and of itself. It may be possible, I just have to say I don't know. What I will say I do know is as of yet, I've never seen anyone and we've never been able to do 90-day reporting online for any of our clients.

So as of the time of this filming, I believe it is not possible to register one's address for the 90-day reporting requirement online. There's also some discussion or has been in the past, whether or not this 90-day reporting which also is required by certain guest houses in Thailand whether that database would go online. As of yet to the best of my knowledge, that has not gone online either.

So again as of the time of this video, it does not appear as though online that registration of address every 90 days is going to be a possibility.