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Online Appointments Now Required for Thai Visa Extensions?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing required online appointments for certain types of Visa Extensions. 

Let me preface this video by first of all saying, if you are on a Non-Immigrant Visa in Thailand and you are regularly extending your status, this video does NOT apply to you. So standard non-immigrant extenders, people that extend their status in Thailand under for example a Thai Business Visa, a Thai O Marriage Visa, a Thai O Retirement Visa, a Thai O-A Retirement Visa, a Thai ED Visa, a Thai M Media Visa, any of these extension categories, this video does not pertain to you. What we are talking about specifically are Visa Exemptions, P30, 14 days, 30 days, 90 days, non 30 days, non 90 days, TR 15 - tourists on arrival, transit visas, courtesy visas, APEC,  lost passport etc. so certain corrections and things, you may need to do things via the online system. Long story short, these are extensions pertaining to things like a 30-day stamp in Thailand. More pertinently, this seems to be specifically for those who got trapped in Thailand as a result of the response to COVID-19. 

Quoting directly from Bangkok Immigration: "Visa Extension for Reason of COVID-19:  An application must be submitted before the 29th of January, 2021 at Muang Thong Tani Temporary Center. Queue online is available now, click here". We are going to go ahead and throw this announcement up on screen and quote directly: "Short-term Visa Extension Service (Counter K) at Muang Thong Tani Temporary Service Center. Service for online queue only". Meaning, if you are extending because you got trapped in Thailand due to COVID and you have something like a 30-day stamp or an exemption stamp or a Tourist Visa on Arrival, you came in before the "Amnesty" came into effect and you are still trying to maintain status via this route, first of all you need to apply before the 29th of January to extend your status and you need to make arrangements to do that online. They go into that on this announcement. We will keep that up there for a minute. "In order to reduce overcrowding of visitors amid the situation of COVID-19 pandemic, please follow the instructions mentioned below: 

-Reserve online queue before receiving a service. 

-Download a confirmation document from email and prepare all required documents before receiving a service.

-Submit an application for visa extension 1 to 2 weeks before the Visa expiry date."

So keep that in mind. Also bear in mind you have got to do this before the 29th of January. 

Again, this appears to be for folks who fell into the "Amnesty" but bear this in mind, it does not pertain to standard extensions that we are used to dealing with in the regular course of doing business here in Thailand; B Visas, O Visas etc. This is for folks who got stuck here due to the COVID response. You need to go ahead and deal with this stuff online and you need to be dealing with it with some alacrity as the deadline is coming up January 29th, 2021.