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The Paradox of Thai "Digital Nomad Visas"?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the paradox of "Digital Nomad Visas". I had kind of thought of this a few weeks ago but it came back to the forefront of my mind when reading a recent article from the Pattaya Mail,, the article is titled: Grapevine: Hardly a pension. One of the subheadings was Digital Nomads. Quoting directly: "Odd that they should be included in the latest proposals for a 10 year Thai Visa as most just want the freedom to travel rather than be based indefinitely in one country."

I kind of thought of that and it was like Yeah the first time I heard about the notion of a long term “Digital Nomad Visa” it has kind of got an inherent conflict, sort of an oxymoron in and of itself in that say Nomad Visa to stay someplace a really long time and it does seem a little bit odd. Most of the folks I have talked to that are so-called Digital Nomads, they really do like to just continuously travel if they at all can. Now we certainly deal with folks that I believe are in the Tech Sector that want to come to Thailand and want to stay here, certainly a fair number of them, but yeah, again it is almost an oxymoron, "a long-term visa for Digital Nomads". Again, these are kind of folks that want to travel the globe and continue to travel. I remember before that Digital Nomad appellation came about, I remember there used be called "perpetual traveler", you would read some place they would use the acronym PT, perpetual traveler, people who just kept traveling; they just kept moving to different places, staying for a while and then moving on. Again this Digital Nomad notion I think is very similar. So I was kind of thinking of that. It is kind of a weird paradox that you would have a long-term visa for folks that are inherently nomadic.