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A Pattaya "Sandbox" for Quarantine-Free Tourists?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the possibility of what we would call a Pattaya "Sandbox". For those who are unfamiliar, presumably beginning July 1, Phuket is going to be reopened for tourists who are vaccinated and they are not going to be requiring quarantine in Phuket under this "Sandbox” Scheme. Under the scheme, there is a certain period of time where that person entering Phuket is going to have to stay in Phuket, presumably I think it is going to be 2 weeks although there are not a lot of details on this yet, and they have free reign to run around Phuket but they can't leave Phuket until a certain period of time has elapsed when they are deemed safe I guess, to travel elsewhere in Thailand. 

Now it seems that Authorities here in Thailand are looking to replicate this model at least in the near term and presumably it should be temporary, but who knows. They are looking to replicate this in different tourism areas throughout Thailand, Pattaya possibly being one of them. A recent article from the Pattaya Mail, that is, the article is titled: Pattaya Sandbox Idea Still Needs a Whole lot of Detail. Quoting directly: "Under current Thai Government Policy, Pattaya is scheduled to reopen for international tourism on October 1 less than 4 months ahead. That is when overseas foreigners who are fully vaccinated will be able to visit certain holiday locations in Thailand without the need for quarantine. The "Sandbox" policy will be piloted in Phuket starting on July 1 but specifics are still very thin on the ground." So yeah and even the specifics on the Phuket Sandbox, the details I think have yet to be fully hammered out. We will keep folks updated on this channel on that as the situation progresses.

For now, let's keep in mind these are only still plans especially in the past month we have seen a lot of this stuff that was slated to come online be pushed back. So it remains to be seen if this is even going to happen but October is quite a ways off so again without getting my hopes too far up, I am going to be cautiously optimistic. We will hopefully see things roll out in Phuket and be able to start updating you on what all that looks like. Then by October I think we will have a much better idea as to what a Pattaya "Sandbox" is going to look like.