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"Phase One" of the "Open System" for Quarantine Lifting in Thailand

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing this heavily talked about “phased re-opening” of Thailand with respect to tourism. Currently let's be clear, this is all being discussed. It remains to be promulgated officially at least as of the time of this video. As the circumstances evolve, we will keep you updated on this channel.

I found this interesting. In a recent article from, the article is titled: Tourism Reopening: Four Phases on the Cards- No Quarantine at all From October. Again, that is and they are actually quoting in there Bangkok Business News, BBN. Quoting directly from's article: "BBN said that D-Day for the start of what is known as "area quarantine"- part of what is now being called "open system" will be April 1st." So that is when that is going to start. “Tourists will still have to quarantine for 7 days from April to September if they have been given two doses of vaccine in their home countries; it is 10 days for those not vaccinated. There are four phases. Phase one - April and May, tourists will be able to use fitness facilities, swim and go on cycle rides on grounds subject to protocols. They can eat food delivered from outside the hotel.”  So that is phase one. So for now, again let's go back through this. 7 days of quarantine even for those vaccinated; 10 days for not vaccinated and then from April 1 onward to May, again this is all proposed, from April 1 onwards to May, we are talking about fitness facilities, swimming, cycle rides, eating food delivered from outside is basically what phase one of this is going to be.  

So you are not completely in prison and I am saying that facetiously but I have got to be honest with you, a lot of the clients we have had that have come out of this quarantine, have said it is not something they would particularly want to do again. I will put it that way. So it is going to be a little bit looser from April to May or at least proposed it is going to be a little bit looser from April to May. Again, these things have a tendency to get some twists put on them when you actually see them promulgated. We will keep you updated on this channel as this situation progresses.