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Is a Reduction in Thai Quarantine Time Actually Approved?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing quarantine time in Thailand. Yes there has been a lot in the news recently that quarantine time has been drastically reduced in Thailand. Depending on the circumstances, and we are going to do other videos on that topic drilling down into that in depth, but this video is to clarify one major thing which is, as yet this is not actually approved, to the best of my knowledge as of the time of the making of this video which is shortly before publication here. 

A recent article from Thai Examiner,, the article is titled: Proposal to Ease Quarantine for Visitors. Quoting directly: "A meeting on Monday of a key Committee of the Ministry of Public Health chaired by Minister Anutin Charnvirakul agreed to recommend an easing of quarantine requirements for incoming passengers to Thailand. It is understood the proposal is subject to ratification by the Government and will become effective in April. However, the move while it will help the beleaguered foreign Tourism Industry in the Kingdom is expected to have only a limited impact on foreign tourist arrivals." Now that is a little bit more opinion down there at the end. This is great article again: Proposal to Ease Quarantine for Visitors. That is Thai Examiner,, and there is a lot more in there. 

Again, I want to reiterate this. "It is understood the proposal is subject to ratification," so we have yet to actually see this be promulgated into law here in Thailand or at least into effective regulation for the moment presumably under the Emergency Decree. 

So the reason for the video is understand we haven't actually seen these rules finalized yet and let's go back a few months. Every time this stuff happens, the press comes out, they say a lot about what it is projected to be and then sometimes they add a few twists or maybe a few caveats. So at least for now and again we are making videos contemporaneously with this one and we will get them up as soon as we can about the actual provisions for possible 7 day quarantine, possible 10 day quarantine as well as the rules regarding remaining in 14 day quarantine. We will try to get that up as soon as we can but please understand at least as of the time of the making of this video and presumably the publication because we are going to be making this and publishing it pretty quickly, the rule has actually yet to be fully promulgated and we will keep you updated on this situation as things progress.