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Refund Issues Amidst Quarantine Changes in Thailand

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing quarantine and some issues regarding refund issues associated with the truncation or the shortening of quarantine here in Thailand For those who watch this channel you are probably aware of this; as of April 1st they have changed some of the quarantine rules most notably standard quarantine from most "low risk countries" if you want to call it that, has gone from 14 days down to 10 days and then for those who are inoculated again this all depends on the circumstances, it may go down to 7 days. 

I have gotten a number of emails from folks within the past roughly week, 10 days who have come in to Thailand and been put into quarantine and then the rules changed and so they don't have to stay in there as long. Some of them have gotten quite irate, in some cases with me, I don't know why, because they want some sort of refund for certain days and in many cases these hotels are refunding but they are refunding, in the opinion of certain people not enough. Again, this is all circumstantially dependent; I am not going to get into a big analysis on specifics but the point being some people are having issues with refunds for what they believe is they didn't spend as much time as was needed etc. What I will say, what I will chalk this up to is, it looks to me like these quarantine hotels are doing the best they can. They have facilities, they have stuff on hand, they expected a certain amount of quarantine and then that was reduced.

Now, as we found in the course of the last year of dealing with all of this, Immigration rules can change, all these protocols can change but they don't change until they change. There is a lot of talk about it, we have had a lot of talk about things including extensions coming to an end, things like "travel bubbles" coming into effect that haven’t come to fruition so they will be out there and they are almost stated as a foregone conclusion it seems among certain parts of the media and then lo and behold no that is not a foregone conclusion, it never comes to fruition at all. So these quarantine hotels could not be expected to presume exactly when quarantine would be reduced and if so by how much. There are circumstances where maybe people are getting taken advantage of; I don't know. I haven't seen anything thus far that leads me to believe that these hotels are trying to rip anybody off. They are just doing the best that they can and they are trying to refund their patrons and their customers as best they can under the current circumstances.