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Relocating to Thailand: The Whole Package

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests we are discussing relocation to Thailand.

I am going to make a series of videos. I had an epiphany for lack of a better term, the other day and I realized that I perhaps had not been looking at things quite from people who are looking to move here’s perspective or quite as well from their perspective. I wasn't really sufficiently seeing what their needs and what their desires are when traveling to Thailand. This is very much, it is a lawyer's flaw in a certain way because we very much are task-oriented to a narrow specific task and if you haven't noticed it from our videos I compartmentalize each video into one specific issue and just deal with that specific issue. We do that in what we do here at the firm. People contact us, they retain us to assist them with specific tasks. Oftentimes in an Immigration context it is getting someone from point A to point B or country A to Country B, be that Thailand to the US, US to Thailand or sometimes it may be here regionally, in Southeast Asia we see that. Long story short I don't really look at the whole picture that my clients are trying to look at. I was talking to a client the other day and it just hit me like a ton of bricks so I am going to make a series of videos here for what I call the “whole package”. In the moment of this revelation and I know this seems rather strange, I deal with this all the time, to have this eye opening event where I realise the people that I deal with, they may not be looking at this the same was as me. I am going to go ahead and do more videos on this but this first video is to sum up what I am talking about. We are going to use the hashtag, the whole package for these videos so you can search it easily on YouTube or elsewhere throughout the internet.

The point and purpose of this is this is for folks whose plan is to come over here to live. To be in Thailand and to live in Thailand and to be here long-term and to just get everything locked down, get all their ducks in a row, tick all the boxes to just be here, to be legal here, to be legitimately here, to just have no issues when living and working and staying and owning property, and we will get into that here in a minute, here in Thailand. What I think of when I think of the whole package and again we deal with this stuff piecemeal case by case but what I am realizing or what I did realize is people wanted the same thing I wanted or I wanted a certain point after being here a while which was I just wanted to live in Thailand and work in Thailand. I wanted to own my home in Thailand. In my case I eventually wanted to gain residence and ultimately citizenship which has worked for me but that is the point of these videos. It is a more holistic approach in talking about this as opposed to my more standard videos that we do on this channel which are strictly about just whatever task we are talking about: work permits for those on a marriage visa for example. We do very narrowly specific things because most of the time people are looking at narrowly specific topics but recently it has coming to my attention that "no there are folks who they want to come and live here and they want to know and gain some insight into coming here to live." So in the upcoming videos we are going to be talking about in my opinion the whole package is basically: you have got a situation where you own your home, you have your visas in order, if you are working you have got a company, you got a work permit in order, you have got everything locked down. On top of it you may or may not if you choose to be on a path to Residence possibly or even possibly citizenship in the further horizon where you ultimately are just about as for lack of a better term and to use this term colloquially, you are as legit as you can get in Thailand with respect to having your documentation in order, having your lifestyle in order and just not having to worry about the little complications that may come up and be vexing, nettlesome issues that may cause problems for other people or cause annoyance for other folks that are dealing with things in a more piecemeal approach.

So we are going to make some further videos on this where I get into this deeper but what we are talking about is owning your business; owning your home; having your work authorization sorted out; having your Visa sorted out in such a way that you are very well situated for long-term living in Thailand with as I said a path to Residence, a path to possible citizenship, long-term prospects for remaining in the Kingdom of Thailand.