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Rescheduling, Cancellations, and Refunds in Thai Visa Processing

Transcript of the above video:

We are discussing rescheduling and cancellations. These things can happen. The travel situation coming into Thailand and across the world is really fluid. 

A recent comment on our channel that I thought was pertinent, quoting directly: "I have just paid for my ASQ hotel." (That is Alternative State Quarantine hotel.) "If things change before I get to Thailand will I get my money back or part of it at least? Also I have had my first jab last week. Hope to get the second one before I get to Thailand May 2nd." So regarding refunds, it remains to be seen. What he is talking about here is quarantine and currently the quarantine requirement is going through a state of flux. Folks that are booked into 14 days of Alternative State Quarantine may not ultimately be required to do that by the time they actually come in. It may only be seven days for example or 10 days. My gut tells me that probably what will happen is the hotel will probably say: “we are not going to refund you because we booked all that but you are not in quarantine. You can you go about your business and you are not going to be stuck inside this hotel.” Again it remains to be seen. Maybe they will refund, I don't know. I can't say for certain. We haven't actually seen the new quarantine rules brought into effect.

This brought up some things like rescheduling, cancellations, refunds on hotels to reschedule. Yes those are all issues and we have had to deal with them. Our Thai staff, the Immigration division here which has become quite a division because we have so much going on especially worldwide. Folks are getting cancellations. Flights are getting canceled; they are having to deal with refunds or having to deal with rescheduling of flights, reissuance of Certificates of Entry. It is really a major issue with respect to that. All of these things can be a little bit smoother if you have got someone assisting you but definitely it is a frustrating experience no matter what and we are all just trying to do the best that we can but so far ultimately we have managed to get in all of our clients that are trying to come in albeit after some consternation and frustration in dealing with things but ultimately we have been able to get these things sorted out. We have dealt with a lot of rescheduling, a lot of refunds, a lot of cancellations since this whole response to COVID-19 began, right now as of the time of this video about exactly one year ago.