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The Royal Thai Consulate in St. Petersburg, Russian Federation

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the Royal Thai Consulate in St. Petersburg, Russia. The address for that post is Royal Thai Consulate-General, V.O. 9 Bolshoy Prospect, 199053, St. Petersburg, Russia. The telephone numbers are: (+7) 812 325 6271 or (+7) 812 323 2538 or (+7) 812 325 6316.

For those who watch these videos or see them rather often, we do make these presumptively for folks who are looking for visas to Thailand. It should be noted different Embassies and Consulates are going to have different Consular jurisdiction with respect to issuance of different types of Thai visas. It may be possible to obtain a certain type of category visa for example say a Retirement Visa at say an Embassy but it may not be possible to obtain that same category at a Consulate. 

Also it should be noted that different Consulates process things a little bit differently from one post to the next in the sense that they prefer to see a visa application presented in a certain way. So what may work in one post may not necessarily work the same way in another post.

Finally the other thing to bear in mind is that different Embassies and Consulates may have Consular jurisdiction to issue duration of visas of different lengths of time so it may be possible to get a 1 year visa in one location but it may only be possible to get a 90-day visa in another location. 

For those who feel a bit overwhelmed about how to best to proceed, it may be a good idea to contact a legal professional in order to gain some insight and guidance into the Thai visa process.