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The "Samui Sandbox" as an Alternative to Phuket

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing what I am referring to as the "Samui Sandbox" or the "Samui Corridor". Basically, the Phuket Sandbox has gotten a lot of attention lately including from our channel because it is now possible to enter Phuket, not need to go through Alternative State Quarantine per se but be able to roam about the island without being stuck in a hotel for 14 days at a stretch. The reason for this video is the Island of Koh Samui has now implemented a similar plan and it has not gotten nearly the same attention and frankly we haven't seen nearly the same numbers with respects to tourists associated with that option and I wanted to go ahead and make this video.

This isn't me comparing Phuket to Samui or saying one is better than the other. It is just putting it out there that Samui is out there and may be an alternative that might be easier to deal with. For example Phuket, they are getting a lot of attention so it may be more difficult to deal with for example hotel reservations compared to Samui. It may be a good idea to go ahead and look into Samui as a possible alternative. Not that this is going to happen, I haven't seen anything to this respect, but if they were to roll back the Phuket Sandbox, we might see a situation where Samui is the only “sandbox” option open for a certain period of time.

So again another reason to possibly look at Samui as a possible alternative to Phuket depending on the circumstances. Samui has got a lot of great beaches; it is a great tourist destination as well. It is just there right now and I have noticed it is not getting nearly the attention as the Phuket Sandbox.