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Should 90 Day Immigration Reporting Be Reconsidered in Thailand?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing 90 day reports here in the Kingdom. 

For those who are unaware,  those who are in the Kingdom of Thailand in non-immigrant status, that is Business Visa status, that is O visa status, that is ED Visa status, those who have these kinds of non-immigrant status, need to deal with reporting their whereabouts every 90 days pursuant to the provisions of the Thai Immigration Act. 

So the thing that this video was made for, it is almost an editorial. We are dealing with this Coronavirus pandemic, the so-called COVID-19, and we are also dealing with it during a time period where Immigration is making special dispensations with respect to foreigners here in the Kingdom with regard to their status and 90-day reporting of that status and it caused me to raise the question: "should we maybe while we have this moment where 90 day reporting is out on the table would it be a good idea to maybe discuss the notion of 90 day reporting generally; whether or not it is the greatest thing in the world?"  Now I do understand this is legally required but I think it would probably be a good time to sort of at a policy level to sort of think about well, "What is it really doing and moreover is there a better way of doing it?"

There are many complaints out there about the online system. Now we deal with the online system rather frequently. It has its bugs but for the most part we are able to work with it. The other people I see a lot, on comments and emails we get and correspondence, get very upset about the 90-day reporting, especially online because they can't make the system work, so everybody deals with these kind of things differently. I just think it might be a good time to seriously consider the overall policy in light of the situation.  I can see a situation where every 6 months you can you check in once. If you are on an extension in Thailand, you have got to check in once a year because you have got to extend your visa once a year but on the other side of the calendar maybe check in if you are in the same address. I don't know. It is something to think about. Obviously, I am pretty sure Thai Immigration doesn't really listen to my thoughts on anything and really I don't see any reason why they would but I think it is something to think about. The resources the time, the energy that goes into dealing with 90-day reporting; it might be done in a better way in and maybe it could be done less frequently and still achieve the policy goals that underlie the regulations.