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Should Thai Immigration Create a Fiancé Visa?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing, and this is kind of an editorial video, an op-ed if you will but the possibility, the prospect "Should Thailand create a Fiancé Visa?"  

I state this because I assist in a lot of Fiancé Visas for Thai nationals to the United States and I have seen a lot of unfortunate circumstances here in the last roughly I don't know 3 to 6 months where I have seen people call me and say "I have been talking to my fiancé for a long time. We have been together a while, we are just not legally married. Is there any visa for me?"  Frankly there isn't one directly for those circumstances but should it be discussed, the possibility of a Fiancé Visa for Thailand? I think it is a good question frankly. I think it could be very useful. I have seen a lot of couples who just had never gotten around to getting legally registered married in Thailand, then this set of circumstances and response to COVID popped up and they are now precluded from being together because they don't have any other valid reason for being in Thailand. Now there are circumstances that can be sort of procured where they can if somebody wants to do business in Thailand they may be able to form a company and use that to come into Thailand or if they are over a certain age, notably 50, they may be able to use a Retirement Visa but there are couples who don't meet any of the criteria. Under those circumstances it sort of begs the question "what about a Fiancé Visa?" My personal opinion is I think it is definitely something perhaps Immigration policymakers should think about creating a new subcategory under the O designation basically for folks who have significant others in Thailand. They can prove up the relationship in a similar manner to a Fiancé Visa application for the US. The Visa could only be issued for 90 days much the same way as Visa status for fiancés is issued in the United States and upon arrival if the couple does get married then that person, that foreign national it is possible for them to extend their status based on Marriage Visa status here in Thailand. 

My personal opinion is it is probably something that Thai Immigration should take a look at and possibly implementing a Visa akin to a Fiancé Visa for the Kingdom of Thailand.