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Specific Thai Visa Issues from Australia

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing specific Thai Visa issues for those in Australia or Australian citizens. 

I am making this video because overall in most of the English-speaking countries that we deal with quite frequently, and we do also deal with Europeans, we deal with folks from other countries; we don't simply deal with English speaking peoples. I make these videos in English because obviously it is my native language and it usually casts the widest net with respect to the language as people speak it. It is many people's second language so we find it the most useful; it hits the broadest audience speaking in English, long story short. 

There have been some differentiations in how the Thai Visa process has worked as a practical matter. Notwithstanding the fact that regulations are largely the same from country to country, but as a practical matter we have seen some differences. I wanted to go ahead and make an updated video for folks in Australia. Some things that we have seen have involved exits, exit clearance. That has proved to be an issue in Australia. Again it is circumstantially dependent but we have seen that causing some problems for folks at least in the past. Hopefully things will change with respect to that as time moves forward. 

The other major thing that I have seen or noticed recently with respect to the practicalities of traveling from Australia involves connecting flights and COVID testing. The logistics on this can be really tricky and timing one’s COVID test to maintain its validity from leaving Australia until arrival in Thailand, this can be a major issue. We have seen folks, I have had people contact me about it. We have been dealing with it with clients of ours. It can be nettlesome and it can be a real hindrance to smooth travel from Australia all the way up here to Thailand. Again circumstantially dependent, something to think about when you are looking to go ahead and apply for a Thai visa and travel here to the Kingdom of Thailand.