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Specific Thai Visa Issues from Canada

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing Thai visa issues specifically to Canada.

I have made a number of videos specifically regarding English speaking countries as we have been dealing with a number of cases from Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States as well as Canada. I wanted to make these videos; I am not talking about the legalities or the regulatory stuff associated with these Thai Visas. We have made a number of videos on that. We hope we are going to sort of stand on our record on a lot of those. We will try to keep making videos as the situation progresses.

Long story short, this video is about the practicalities; what I have seen especially my team and I have seen, with respect to the practicalities of getting a Thai visa to get in here to Thailand. In Canada, one major issue has been communication with the Royal Thai Embassy. I am not trying to cast aspersions of those folks but Canada is a pretty large country with a relatively smaller population. It is also a situation where it has been our experience that we don't deal with the Thai Embassy in Ottawa as frequently as we deal with say the Consulate in Vancouver, even the Consulate in Toronto. Also, there are some learning curves here as these Embassies have had to deal with enhanced logistics, problems associated with even getting people into work etc., so understand that I am not trying to be critical of this specific Embassy. One thing that we did see, and also postal couriers and private couriers, we saw with clients’ problems associated with getting documentation to that Embassy, getting them back, getting them back in a timely manner as we have noted. “Fit to Fly” documentation and COVID testing; that definitely has a deadline on it. That stuff as you know, it has a sell by date if you will and if you don't deal with it within a certain time frame it can cause real problems with respect to the logistics of travel. 

So just for personal reference for those who are looking at information about Thai Visa processing up in Canada, one of the things we found is from a practical standpoint that has been an issue in dealing with it up in Canada has been the logistical issues associated with getting documentation to and from the Embassy in order to be able to get on a plane in a timely manner in order to comply with the deadlines associated with ones Fit to Fly documentation and Certificate of Entry to the Kingdom of Thailand.