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Spouses of Thai Smart Visa Holders May not Need a Work Permit

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests we are discussing Smart Visas.  Specifically we are discussing whether or not the spouse of a Smart Visa holder needs to go ahead and obtain a work permit. 

In a recent article from Khaosod English that is, the article's title Smart Visa Holders May have Side Hustles: Cabinet. Just one line to quote from this, "Children over 18 and spouses in Thailand for at least a year can also work without a Work Permit." 

So I think that is fairly straightforward. It looks as though the smart Visa holders’ spouses and even children of a certain age can go ahead and work in the Kingdom without the need for applying for a work permit. This can be a substantial advantage to those individuals as those who have to go through the work permit process through for example a Corporation, it can be rather rigid. In fact those who come to Thailand oftentimes find themselves if they want to get with work authorization especially for a smaller business they need to go ahead and form a corporation getting the requisite Thai partner if necessary or seeking a Foreign Business License or Amity Treaty Certificate and then going ahead and once all of the prerequisites are met, applying for a Thai Work Permit. That appears to no longer be needed for those who are spouses and children of a certain age of those who hold a Smart Visa or a Dependent Visa based on a Smart Visa because Work Permits are no longer required. 

I think this was a good policy decision with respect to the Cabinet because they are trying to attract foreign investment or technological prowess, foreign expertise, and just creating an overall system where those who bring in requisite skill sets or requisite investment don't really need to worry about the Visa and work authorization of their spouses and children. I think that is an overall policy that is probably going to be a net benefit for the Kingdom moving forward.