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Thai COVID Insurance Required for Vaccinated Travelers?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing COVID-19 Insurance. There was a comment on our channel, I am going to go ahead and quote. It was fairly short one; it just said: "COVID-19 Insurance; why do you need it if you are vaccinated?" 

Well I will say that yes it certainly would seem to be redundant. However, we are currently in my opinion I think that we are currently in a gray area here, a transition phase if you will and I just don't think that as yet, the Immigration Bureaucracy has tweaked the current regulations for entering Thailand to reflect the current situation. I mean vaccinations have only recently been rolled out on this overall issue and we have yet to see exactly how this is going to play out. So for now, yeah unfortunately I certainly think it is redundant but for now I think we are stuck with this COVID insurance at least for the immediately foreseeable future. I suspect and again these easing of restrictions related to quarantine have yet to be fully promulgated. We have yet to actually see them being put into practice at least as of the time of this video. Presumably when they are I would think there would be some changes to this where maybe COVID insurance isn't required for those who had the vaccine but it remains to be seen. Things get forgotten when these kinds of policy decisions are being bandied about and then ultimately being hammered out into practical regulations for day-to-day use. 

So we might still be seeing this redundancy again into the immediately foreseeable future, until such time as changes are made to better reflect the overall situation.