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Thai COVID Visa Extensions Approved Until Late May

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the COVID extension associated with Visa status here in Thailand. For those who are unaware, this all started going on a year ago now with the Emergency Decree in Thailand. Under the Emergency Decree they started allowing certain extensions for people who were stuck in Thailand. It now appears that this is being extended a bit further. This is from the Pattaya News, that is, the article is titled: Royal Thai Immigration Bureau Allows "Tourists" on COVID-19 Extension to Extend Again Until May 29. Quoting directly: "The Royal Thai Immigration Bureau announced through an urgent memo released to the public yesterday (this was published 31 March) that they were extending the so-called COVID-19 extension for those "stuck" in the country due to the virus. The previous extension allow permission to stay till March 30. (yesterday as at the time of this writing). Quoting further: "However, one can now apply up to May 29, 2021.” 

So, the thing to take away from this video is Thai Immigration is doing the best that they can with a bad situation. There are folks that have still been stuck here in Thailand most notably from countries that have been particularly impacted by both COVID-19 or their Government's response and it is just very difficult to the point of impossible to return home. Folks that have come in since the inception of the Emergency Decree, and we have talked to Thai Immigration about this, those folks, it is a little bit more questionable as to extensions associated with being in Thailand. Notably things like the Special Tourist Visa, you can't get any extension past the 9-month mark. That is explicit in the provisions of the rules regarding the Special Tourist Visa.

Now that said, it has been our experience that from a policy standpoint Thai Immigration does not really view particularly favorably folks who have come in since the Emergency Decree and are trying to enjoy some kind of ad hoc extension. That is going to be a bit difficult. That said, those folks who are still stuck here due to the COVID situation, yes it may be possible to extend status up until May.