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Thai IB Business Visas for BOI Investment and/or Employment

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing Business Visas to Thailand. We are specifically discussing IB; that is investing or working in a BOI Company in the Kingdom of Thailand.

This comes from the Royal Thai Embassy in the United Kingdom, this is from their website. Similar information can be found on the Royal Thai Embassy website for the US as well as other countries.

Things associated with an IB Visa and specifically this is investment or working in a BOI Company. To be clear unlike other types of Business Visas, this type of Business Visa category may be subject or may have availability for Certificate of Entry issuance so it may be possible to go ahead and get a Certificate of Entry issued on someone working or investing in a BOI Company and then allowing that person to then travel into Thailand. 

So requirements associated therewith: Letter from Thailand's Board of Investment; letter confirming employment details from an employer; various financial evidence, so bank statements, proof of earnings, proof of sponsorship; and then confirmation of legal residence in the UK or Ireland, and you can substitute that with USA or you can substitute that with any other country; Australia, Canada, Europe somewhere, it doesn't really matter. They have got to confirm that you are legally resident in the Consular jurisdiction in which a Visa would presumably be issued.

The thing to keep in mind with respect to this video, one thing notable for BOI associated Business Visas is Yes strictly speaking they are eligible for an issuance of what is called a Certificate of Entry which is currently part and parcel with being able to get a visa to travel to and obtain lawful admission and maintain lawful status in the Kingdom of Thailand.