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Thai Immigration Causing Confusion Regarding TM30

Transcript of the above video: 

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing TM30 yet again. It is everybody's least favorite topic that no one can stop talking about unfortunately but it is an issue for those who I in the Kingdom in non-immigrant status. 

Some recent information, I am going to go ahead and put this up on the screen or go ahead and read it.  This was promulgated by the Immigration Bureau here in Thailand and quoting directly "During the visit to Thailand for purposes of Tourism, Sports, Business, Investments, Education, Practicing of skilled craftsmen or Specialists,  aliens are not required to notify the competent official of changes of their residence." I am going to go ahead and put that up there one more time so you can see it. This was promulgated by the Immigration Bureau. Apparently, it was subsequently rather quickly rescinded by Immigration, so those who are hearing this, TM30 appears to still be in effect.  It is pretty clear Thai Immigration is doing what they can, rather quickly, to go ahead and figure out a way to make this TM30 thing workable. They just really have not yet, at least at the time of this video, fully come up with a comprehensive solution if you will, to dealing with this in a rather straightforward manner. 

I personally think that they want people to be able to deal with this as quickly and efficiently as possible. I don't think that there is any kind of reveling in the inefficiency of this. They have clearly stated that there is not really any revenue generation goals or tax collection goals associated with this nor is there anything associated with the regulation of hotels specifically. It is simply an Immigration initiative.  Frankly, I think it is an Immigration initiative that they are just simply having a problem fully getting a handle on from a logistical standpoint. My personal opinion is this particular development, although disconcerting in some ways, is really a light if you will, for lack of better term, at the end of this tunnel. I think we are going to see an efficient and straightforward solution to the TM30 issue relatively quickly.