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Thai Immigration Form TM 25: Stay Pending Residence Determination

Transcript of the above video:

 As the title of this video suggests we are discussing form TM 25 and that is an application for extension of temporary stay during resident consideration.

What are we talking about here? Well as discussed in another video on this channel there is a specific TM form for application for permanent residence here in the Kingdom. However as sort of an add-on benefit for even being able to even apply for permanent residence, there is a specific Immigration status associated with those who are under consideration for attaining Resident status and the form utilized for dealing with that is good old TM 25 here.

What does this do? Well basically, if one has successfully filed their Permanent Residence application with the Royal Thai Immigration Police, while that application is under consideration and is on file, one can go and obtain visa stamps or basically extension stamps solely on the basis of being considered for residence. I believe currently they are still being issued in 6 month increments and basically one needs not to have any other status in the Kingdom in order to remain lawfully so long as the PR application remains on file.

That being said this can be a little of a tricky thing. If the application is ultimately rejected, that individual who was applying for that status would immediately fall out of status if they were only in status on this type of extension, on this extension based on being reviewed for resident status. This is why it is sometimes advisable to maintain ones other non-immigrant status, the non-immigrant status that took one up to the point of being able to apply for PR, it is sometimes a good idea to maintain that status concurrently with the status of simply one being reviewed for residence. This way if an application is ultimately denied, one doesn't just start from square one again. Basically one can fall back on their prior non-immigrant status and at least presumably, assuming they go ahead and so whatever was wrong in the application on the previous try, go ahead and re-file again in the hopes of having a more successful outcome subsequently to the original filing.

While this is kind of a useful thing, and I do and I have seen situations where folks, it has kind of been a nice little stop gap, especially where somebody is retired and they had to move over and they are waiting out their PR. That being said it is a little bit risky to simply sit around waiting on this type of status because as I said, if the PR application is ultimately denied then that individual goes all the way back to square one if they don't have and have not been maintaining their unbroken non-immigrant status and work permit status.