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Thai Immigration Form: TM 30 Notification Form

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests we are discussing some more immigration forms specifically TM 30 which from the website and from the actual PDF from Thai immigration and basically that is an English: Notification from housemaster, owner, or the possessor of the residence where alien has stayed.

What is this for ? Well strictly speaking under the laws of Thailand, an alien, specifically a non-immigrant alien, residents a little bit different, but even they might depending on circumstances have to deal with this or someone who is letting them  stay with them might have to deal with this.

This is an Immigration Form but it more is in the context of guest houses so whereas hotels have a specific Hotel License to allow boarders temporarily, there grew up this sort of guest house, for lack of a better word sort of economy in Thailand. I think it actually goes back to the days when there were locations, quite a few locations throughout the Kingdom, that did not have the tourism numbers to necessarily require a hotel be set up, but guest houses were quite frequent and quite common,  and basically it was required of as they say the housemaster, the "Chao Baan" the head of the house, that they go ahead and notify Immigration that aliens were staying there if they are staying there generally speaking longer than 24 hours and go ahead and note that I believe that they left as well.

That being said this is the form for it again as I said it harkens back to the days of guest houses. Whether Guest House operators actually submit these forms, it is difficult to say. It is my understanding that they are trying to digitize this process and I'm not certain that they have had a great deal of success as of yet but strictly speaking this is required from those who are maintaining a residence that an alien is going to be staying at for any type of prolonged period of time; basically overnight or longer.