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Thai Immigration Form TM 87: Application for Visa

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests we are going to be discussing the form TM 87; that is Thai Immigration’s form number and it is an application for a visa. Basically it looks just like this we have got even more here with respect to photos and whatnot.

What is this documentation used for? Well let's be clear. Embassies and Consulates outside of Thailand, so Embassies and Consulates abroad, they have their own protocol for dealing with Immigration and visa matters. In fact they are governed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs although Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Consular Section associated therewith does liaise with Thai immigration. Thai Immigration Police are under the auspices of the Ministry of Interior, so they are not exactly the same thing and they do things a little bit differently.

So what is an application for a Visa? I thought you applied for a Visa at an Embassy or Consulate abroad. Perhaps not. There are instances where individuals will come into the Kingdom of Thailand with a 30-day stamp for example, a visa exemption, and they will go ahead and seek a new visa in the Kingdom; they will seek their visa in the Kingdom. For that reason you have got to have an application form and that is what this is.

So an application for a Thai Visa. I see these lot in the context of a retirement Visa. Folks will come over here on a 30-day stamp, sometimes they will go ahead and get an extra 30 days attached on to it, there is another video on this channel with specific respect to that, and those folks will go ahead and want to go over and get a retirement visa. This is one of the forms, one of a few and a great deal of documentation associated with getting into that particular status.

This could happen in Business Visa status, O visa status, etc., ED visa status in theory. That being said, as with many of these forms, this is just deceptively simple. This is simply the form! There is a great deal of supporting documentation associated with the form not unlike US Immigration matters where you have a few forms and then you have a stack of supporting documentation. Especially an application for a Visa here in the Kingdom, you are going to be dealing with a great deal of documentation because Immigration here in country is going to scrutinize heavily why someone came from abroad without a visa and is now seeking a visa in the Kingdom. 

So the things take away from this video. Yes this is the form but there is a great deal more associated with the overall process of remaining in the Kingdom than simply this form. So take that for what it is and we will update you with more information as things progress.