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Thai Immigration Form TM-9: Application for Permanent Residence

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests we are going to be discussing Permanent Residence here in the Kingdom of Thailand. Specifically we are talking about form TM 9; the application for Permanent Residence in the Kingdom.

Basically this is official Immigration Form. As you can see it requires photos. There is even a little thing up here for a duty stamp. This form is sort of the foundational form if you will, for the filing of Thai Permanent Residence; Immigrant status here in the Kingdom of Thailand.

Now what this form is, is in my opinion deceptive is perhaps the wrong word, but it seems far more simple than it actually is when you are when you are looking at the overall issues associated with the adjudication of a permanent residence petition. So we have got the form here okay but when you are looking at a Thai Permanent Residence petition you are looking at a stack of documents underneath this form that could add up to the size of a phone book quite frankly.  Thai adjudicators within the Royal Thai Immigration Police who adjudicate  Permanent Residence applications, they scrutinize heavily, and on top of that the rules with respect to who is eligible to even apply for Thai permanent residence are very clear and they are very strict and under most circumstances folks that can apply for Thai PR are going to be those individuals who are, quite frankly they have put in a great deal of time in the Kingdom, they have a great deal of documentation and they need to present a lot of that documentation and present a lot of their evidence of their time in the Kingdom in order to have a successful adjudication for Thai PR.

So the thing to take away from this video is, yes this is the form. This is sort of the foundation document from whence you begin but in much the same way that in the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy sort of began on a little patch of the yellow brick road and it goes on and on and on, yes there is a lot more to these petitions than simply this form. This is not the end all be all with respect to adjudication of one’s permanent resident in Thailand. In fact there is a great deal more and frankly the adjudication itself is quite long, quite time consuming. So it is not just a matter of going in and handing in one document and be done with the matter. You are looking at processing times of multi months if not years and an evidentiary threshold that is going to be rather difficult for most folks to go ahead and overcome.