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The Thai Immigration Office in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the Chiang Mai Immigration Office in Chiang Mai, Thailand. 

Unlike other Immigration Offices Chiangmai is interesting unlike other provincial Immigration Offices it is a landlocked. It doesn't have a border.  This particular office doesn't really deal with a lot of border crossings but it has an airport so it is very much akin in my opinion to the Bangkok Immigration apparatus somewhat. So just real quick to provide me the address. It is at the the Chiang Mai airport; the address is 71 Airport Road, Muang Chiangmai, District Chiangmai, 50200. 

Another thing to take away from this video is I see a lot online and we get a lot of enquiries and people need to understand, different Immigration Offices take different approaches to handling different cases. So those of you out there who maybe moved to Chiang Mai from Bangkok and you think that Immigration is going to process things similar in Chiang Mai to the way they did things in Bangkok. Yes the broad strokes are for lack of a better term the same, but it should not be viewed as a completely identical process. Chiangmai is going to do things differently than for example Bangkok or Hua Hin or Pattaya or Koh Samui or something like this or Phuket; they are just going to. That is just how it is. Generally speaking it is kind of more of an administrative processing function. Often times they find a certain way of doing things is more expedient in their office and that practice becomes locked in for lack of a better term and that just becomes how they deal with things. To some degree there is going to be a differentiation between offices and the way that they interpret various laws or various rules but by and large I think it is safe to presume that you are going to be dealing with a situation where they are taking the same approach to applying the law but they may just do it slightly differently, there may be different documents that they view as more compelling information with respect to for example an extension of a visa case or something like this. 

So again, different Offices may do things slightly differently and for that reason it is not particularly prudent or logical to presume that Chiangmai is going to do things in a similar fashion to a different Immigration Office that you may have used in Thailand previously.