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The Thai Immigration Office on Koh Samui, Thailand

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing Thai Immigration Offices and we are specifically in this case discussing the Thai Immigration Office in Koh Samui. So very quickly, just for the address and we got this from the dot GO dot TH website for Koh Samui Immigration. The address for Koh Samui Immigration is 333 Maenam Road, Soi 1, Moo 1, Tambol Maenam, Amphur Koh Samui, Suratthani 84330; so that is the address for Koh Samui Immigration for those who are unaware. 

Just on a general note with respect to Thai Immigration Offices or I should say local Thai Immigration Offices, understand, different Immigration Offices are going to do things slightly differently. They have Administrative protocols that are more streamlined to their local needs and in a sense their local proclivity. Where you may file a case a certain way at the Bangkok Immigration office specifically at say Chaengwattana or for example the One Stop Immigration Office which is radically different with respect to how they process things compared to local standard Immigration Offices, the Koh Samui Immigration Office may not do things the way that they do things for example in Bangkok or Hua Hin or Chiang Mai or even the Surathani Office. It is probably going to be different on the island compared to over on the mainland. It is just a differential based on expedience generally speaking. Sometimes there are interpretational differences with respect to like specific documentation associated with a given case but generally speaking, this is more done from an administrative accommodation standpoint or administrative expediency. 

So when watching this video, understand what may work or have worked in another Immigration Office and now you are in Koh Samui and you are doing things differently, don't expect necessarily they are going to do things the way that you are used to doing them if you have dealt with a different Immigration Office in the past.