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The Thai Immigration Office in Krabi, Thailand

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the Thai Immigration Office in Krabi, Thailand. The address of that office is:

Village no. 7, 382 Sai Thai,
Muang Krabi District,
Krabi 81000. 

For those who are unaware, if you live within Krabi down in that particular region,  if you live under the jurisdiction of that particular Office, that would be the office where you would be dealing with things such as your Thai visa extension application, things like 90-day reporting, TM30 for example; things of this nature. So this is the local Immigration Office for folks in that area. 

Now the thing to understand is different Immigration Offices in Thailand do things slightly differently. This isn't so much a reflection of the fact that there is a different body of Law in different provinces because the Thai Immigration Act and all the regulations stemming therefrom are for the most part countrywide; they are a unified body of Law and Legal Code. That being stated, Immigration Officers are vested with a certain amount of administrative discretion as well as with a certain amount of factual fact-finding discretion if you will and for this reason they may choose to do things slightly differently for example in Krabi than what they would do say in Pattaya or Phuket or here in Bangkok or up in Chiang Mai. Different offices have slightly different ways of doing things. For example, they may find certain evidence more compelling than another Office does so if you have dealt with an Immigration application, if you have dealt with an application to extend a Visa in another office and you are now coming upon the Krabi Office and you are expecting things that work in that different office to work the same way in Krabi, that is probably not a good foregone conclusion. It is probably not in fact the case. The Krabi office is going to take different administrative steps to process through an application compared to another type of office.

That being stated, yes again the body of law with respect to Thai Immigration is unified throughout the country and different offices may opt to as a practical matter, have different kinds of administrative practices for processing cases that will differ from one Office to the other.