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The Thai Immigration Offices in Bangkok, Thailand

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the Thai Immigration Offices here in Bangkok, Thailand.

For those who are unaware, Bangkok is a massive metropolis. In a sense it is almost a state-within-a-state of Thailand at least from a Jurisdictional or Administrative standpoint. It really is kind of its own entity. When you are looking at Immigration it kind of operates on its own. 

I am making this video from the standpoint of somebody who wants basically to provide some shorthand to clients.  I get a lot of emails and enquiries about specifics having to do with various Immigration offices throughout Thailand and I basically want to provide this video basically to say look here is the information about the Immigration offices which have jurisdiction in the metropolitan area of Bangkok. 

So first of all the, first Immigration office we are going to mention is Bangkok Chaengwattana Immigration office. That is Government Center B, 120 Moo 3, Chaengwattana Soi 7, Tung Song Hong, Laksi, Bangkok 10210. That is the address for Chaengwattana. Those watching this video who have to deal with things like Business Visa extensions on small businesses in Thailand, as well as O Visa extensions for marriage or having a child in Thailand, Retirement Visa extensions here in Thailand, Education Visa extensions in Thailand; you have probably undertaken all of those at Chaengwattana Immigration Office. 

Now another office here in Bangkok is the Bangkok BOI One Stop Service Center. The address for that is Chamchuree Square Floor 18, 319 Payathai Road, Patumwan, Bangkok 10330. That is the One Stop Service Center. That is actually relatively close to our office over here at Chamchuree Square. For those who are unaware, BOI means Board of Investment. So the Board of Investment promotes business even foreign owned businesses here in Thailand and there are many benefits with BOI promotion that can be garnered not least of which is the One Stop Service Center. It can provide quite a streamlined process with respect to maintaining one's visa and work permit status here in the Kingdom of Thailand. 

Another office is the Bangkok Imperial World Lat Prao Immigration Office, so the  Immigration office at Lat Prao.  Imperial World 5th  floor, Lat Prao Road and I think this one might be closed, but Bangkok Major Hollywood Suksawd Immigration Service Center,  Major Hollywood Suksawad, 1st floor, Suksawad Road, Rajburana, Bangkok 10140. My staff put this together for me. I think those last two maybe closed. If I am wrong on that I will revamp this video.

As you can see Bangkok pretty big. Also it is not really an Immigration Office that you can particularly use but Suan Plu. So Suan Plu is the Immigration Detention Center. That is in Immigration Office and it also houses the policy makers within Immigration here. There are a lot of folks over there within the Administrative apparatus of Immigration here in Bangkok are at Susan Plu Immigration Office and that is again near our office over here in the Suan Plu District of downtown Bangkok. 

So the thing to take away from this video is most of these offices Suan Plu excepted can deal with 90-day reports. One Stop Only generally deals with cases that are under its specific narrow subject matter jurisdiction and that is BOI, Business Visas for Companies of a certain size. So you have got really large industry that needs to deal with things in a much more streamlined capacity. Most small businesses you are going to see are going to be dealing with Chaengwattana Immigration and for that reason when I talk about Bangkok Immigration, I am usually using it as shorthand for Chaengwattana because that is who we are generally dealing with. That being said, we deal with One Stop rather frequently and we do know clients deal with 90-day reporting via different Immigration Offices here in the city. 

One final thing to keep in mind is I do see a lot of folks that send me enquiries that say, “Well, they do it this way at this Immigration Office”, or “they did it this way at a different time”. Places have a big part to play in how cases process through the Immigration system. Different offices take different procedural approach with respect to how they process a case. Different offices take a different approach with respect to interpretational matters. Not in a major way but there are substantive differences to the way different offices interpret, especially kind of the minutiae of the protocols associated with adjudicating and approving or denying the extension of a visa for example. So different offices are going to do things in a different way. Bangkok may do things one way and Hua Hin may do things another way. If you are dealing with Bangkok you really kind of need to get your mind wrapped around the fact that Bangkok is going to do it Bangkok's way and operate accordingly.