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Thai Immigration Says No Tax Connection to TM30

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing TM30 yet again. In a previous video I actually made, it discussed what I surmised to be a connection between TM30 and the tax authority here in Thailand. Most notably I hypothecated if you will or I went ahead and explored the notion that there maybe an angle of the TM30 wherein they are trying to get information on undisclosed landlord's here in the Kingdom in order to understand who is evading their rental income taxes but apparently I was wrong and I will be the first to say that I stand corrected.

In a recent article from Khaosod English, that is, The article is titled: Immigration Says TM30 Fix Underway: Pleads for Understanding and to quote directly: and they are quoting Major-general Patipat Suban na Ayudhaya as well what his aide and his aide is Colonel Thatchapong Sarawanangkul. The quote I wanted noted in this article specifically is “both men also insist information filed by foreigners and their landlords is only stored at  Immigration and not forwarded to any other agency be it tax auditors or hotel regulators.” For purposes of this video I think that that is important. Again go ahead and check out this article. There is lot in here. If you are interested in this stuff, this article is very, very interesting. It provides a lot of detailed information about the people that are running Bangkok Immigration 1and the paradigm associated with those folks. That article again is entitled Immigration Says TM30 Fix Underway: Pleads for Understanding and that is Khao Sod English,   

So the thing to take away from this, as I said, I stand corrected. I surmised that they might be using TM30 information to go ahead investigate undisclosed landlords here in the Kingdom. It appears, to take it from the source, from Immigration itself, they said no that is not in fact the reason or what TM30 is being used for even in an ancillary way and for that reason it is pretty, pretty good to understand that no there is not a tax connection to the TM30. It is simply a security protocol associated with the Immigration Act wherein they are trying to ascertain the location of foreigners staying temporarily in the Kingdom of Thailand.