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Thai Immigration's Online 90 Day Reporting System Is Down?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the 90-day Reporting System at Thai Immigration. A recent email from one of our viewers and we always appreciate those, quoting directly: "I really enjoy your YouTube. Just wondering why the Thai 90-day online reporting has been down from many weeks? I live in Pattaya. It says they have not renewed their website certificate. Many thanks." 

Well what can I say? I don't know why it is down specifically, other than to say "why is water wet?" Sometimes, Governments just aren't great at doing things, let's put it that way. I would say maybe they are having some kind of technical difficulties. If that is the case unfortunately, we do most of our 90-day reporting for our clients by hand. We do it in person because frankly we have got so many people at Immigration at any given moment and by that I mean our staff or our clients, that we always seem to have somebody down there so we can always do 90-day reports. 

The thing to take away from this video though is, yeah it is too bad and they have effectively cut out the ability to do it by mail in many instances so you may end up getting stuck if the thing is down with having to do it in person. There are people that can assist you with that. We certainly assist our clients with 90-day reporting up here in Bangkok and depending on your circumstances, it may or may not be a fairly straightforward endeavour. 

That said, it is too bad it is down and I hope Thai Immigration can get that system back online sooner rather than later.