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Thai Immigration's TM47 90 Day Report Form in 2021

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the TM47 form for notifying of 90-day stays in Thailand. This is the 90-day reporting you will often hear about on Visa forums and throughout the internet. Again, that is the TM47 form.

The reason I am making this video is under the Amnesty which occurred in response to COVID-19, TM47 got sidelined for a little while because they said, "we are not going to make everybody do this 90-day reporting mostly due to we want to maintain social distancing". It was in a lot of the articles I read where they were talking about the policy on this; that seemed to be the main concern. The Amnesty for 90 day reporting came to an end. It is back online. You have got to do 90-day reporting now in Thailand and that will depend on your circumstances but Non-Immigrant Visa holders most assuredly have to do 90-day reporting. Again we will put this up so people can see this form; again it is the TM47. 

The reason for this video is a lot of people have asked me: "Is this still there?" There is some confusion especially with folks that don't just sit around, fortunately for them, unlike me watching every little aspect of Thai Immigration as it goes by. But yeah 90-day reporting is back and I presume it is going to be there in 2021. I guess if the situation gets worse with respect to COVID, we might see it suspended again although I don't know. I could see a circumstance play out where that might happen. I doubt it, but it could. 

That said, at least as of the time of this video, it is still required and even if it does get suspended at some point in 2021, I am reasonably certain it will come back and we will have to deal with 90-day reporting at some point in the future.