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Thai "Long Term Residence" Visas for Professionals?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing proposed Long-Term Residence Visas for professionals, so-called work-at-home professionals I guess. The reason "Long-Term Residence" is in quotes is because as we have noted in other videos, this really isn't technically a Residence Visa. There is Permanent Residence here in Thailand that one can obtain. These are just really long visas; they are like a long non-immigrant visa very similar to the Thailand Elite Visa. 

The reason I thought of making this video is I was reading a recent article in Hua Hin Today, that is, the article is titled: 10 year Long-Term Resident (LTR) Visa to make living in Thailand "easier and less bureaucratic". Quote: "For "Work-from-Thailand Professional" they need to show "personal income of a minimum of USD 80,000/year for the past 2 years".  Quoting further: “They also need to be employed, (employed) by a "Public Company on a Stock exchange; or Private Company in operation for at least 3 years with combined revenue of at least USD 150 million in the last 3 years". 

So again professionals that are looking to come into Thailand and utilize this Long-Term Residence Visa there are some rather high hurdles that have to be overcome. As we have noted in other videos, I suspect certification of these requirements is going to be a rather daunting thing, especially in the beginning. As noted in other videos, these visas have not come online yet. I have had a lot of interest in these visas; a lot of people have contacted us. Be aware we are not actually seeing these come online until the 4th quarter, presumably at the earliest the fourth quarter of 2022. And, it is going to take a little time to see exactly how the rubber hits the road with respect to these visas. So for those who are interested, it may be a good idea to be patient. If you have other Visa options, it may not be a bad idea to explore those. Yeah, I think initially it is going to be a situation where everybody is going to have to bear with everyone as we sort of figure out exactly what this scheme is going to look like and exactly what the practicalities are going to be associated with the Thai Long-Term Residence Visa.