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The Thai Permanent Residence Application Window Opening?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the Thai Permanent Residence window. I have had a number of folks ask me in recent weeks "Hey when is it going to open? It opened in July one year. Are they going to open it early again?" Yeah going back 2 years ago, they did open in the middle of summer; this past year they opened in October if I recall correctly. I suspect, we don't know until we know. It is kind of a different system wherein they just open it whenever they want and there is no set date it is going to open. You sort of find out about it on the fly. We are still waiting to see whether or not it is open. 

For those who are looking at possibly applying for PR, you need to be aware that it is better to start applying long before the window even opens. Waiting for the window to open, in my opinion is not the optimal strategy. You want to have everything prepared. You basically want the phone book that is your application ready to go for when that application window opens and then get the thing on file as soon as you can. I think that is the best way to handle it. Also, the earlier you are ready to file, if there are going to be issues in a case, you are going to know that earlier. If nothing else the Officer is going to tell you as soon as they open the window "hey we have got a problem with XYZ. We are not going to perfect filing until you get us this documentation." Again you want to know that earlier rather than later.

We have Thai Attorneys here that are very well versed in dealing with it, gotten a lot of people through with PR so we have got a good handle on how it works but again timing is key and it is probably better to be starting on that process sooner rather than waiting for the window to open and then be rushing around.