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Thai PM Says Vaccinated Tourists May Enter Without Quarantine?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing recent remarks by the Prime Minister of Thailand, Prayuth Chan-o-cha with regard to vaccination and possible quarantine or lack thereof here in Thailand. 

Now this is a really recent article. This is from Bangkok Post print edition, Wednesday, February 24th, 2021. If all goes according to plan, this should be up the same day that this was actually published, print edition. The title of the article is: Jab Arrivals Signal New Dawn. There is a lot in that article. They go into the vaccinations blah, blah, blah but at the end the last two paragraphs of the article, I thought this was really interesting. Quoting directly: “General Prayuth was hopeful today's arrival heralded an upturn for Thailand's fortunes. Quote: ‘Vaccines will play a part in helping the Tourism Industry and business operations to recover’ he said.” Quoting further: “Those who receive vaccines and have certificates may also be allowed to enter the country without quarantine though they will have to be tracked just in case of any problems." So this is pretty major news. It is somewhat, I shouldn't say hot news but it is definitely sort of lukewarm now nearly a day after it has come out in the Bangkok Post print edition. But I thought this was really interesting. Again just to quote that again: "Those who receive vaccines and have certificates may also be allowed to enter the country without quarantine." Now that is from Prayuth, according to Bangkok Post. To me that is some of the most definitive information and insight we have seen yet regarding the possibility of a policy change regarding Alternative State Quarantine here in Thailand for both tourists and travelers of any ilk. So presumably if you could show vaccination or proof thereof of vaccination, one might be able to start avoiding quarantine sooner rather than later.

That said, a lot of comments get made by a lot of politicians including the Prime Minister and oftentimes nothing particularly comes of it. I do think the momentum is shifting in the direction of, especially now that we are seeing vaccines arrive here in Thailand, things are shifting in the direction of going toward vaccination in lieu of quarantine. That said nothing has changed from a policy level yet so we will keep you updated on this channel as the situation progresses.