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Thai Retirement Visas: Insurance Documentation & Certificates of Entry

Transcript of the above video:

We are making this video to provide some clarification. I have done a number of videos regarding whether or not one needs insurance with respect to Retirement Visas and the short answer is if you are coming in from abroad it is effectively, Yes.

The reason for this video is to discuss the type of insurance associated with Certificate of Entry issuance and Retirement Visas as there seems to be some confusion out there. 

So to be clear, there are two types of coverage that need to be dealt with for pretty much any retiree the way the rules currently sit as of the time of this video. What I am talking about is first of all there is COVID insurance and then there is also the Retirement coverage that came into effect back in October of 2019 that they both need to be maintained, or obtained depending on your circumstances, in order to obtain a Certificate of Entry and ultimately a Thai Visa and ultimately gain entry to the Kingdom of Thailand. 

So again, there are two kinds of insurance here. We are talking COVID-19 insurance as well as the standard 400,000 Baht inpatient, 40,000 Baht outpatient insurance coverage. There are two mutually exclusive types of average but for a retiree, it is going to be required that you obtain both of them, at least as of right now. So far in this sort of POST-COVID-19 response era that we are in, this moderate easing that we have seen on allowing folks to come into the country, Yes for retirees there is an insurance requirement but in point of fact there are really two insurance requirements: there is COVID insurance and then there is your standard Retirement Insurance. Depending on your circumstances, you may or may not already have that.

It is probably a good idea to go ahead and contact a legal professional to gain some insight and guidance regarding whether or not the coverage meets the criteria for Thai Retirement Visa insurance but just be advised and please note from this video, there are two types of Insurance you are dealing with, both COVID and standard Retirement Visa insurance.