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Thai Retirement Visas: Is There a 30 Day Review Period?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing 30-day review periods and we are discussing this specifically in the context of Thai Retirement Visas.

So when we are talking about 30-day reviews, generally speaking when you are talking about an extension of a B Visa, in certain cases for example an O Marriage Visa based on a Work Permit, generally speaking when you seek an extension of status especially for a B Visa you initially go file your extension application and there is a 30-day review period under which the Immigration officer, well actually it goes up even higher than the line officer that does intake, they go ahead and review the application and process things further through 30 days out. You go back to Thai Immigration to go ahead and obtain in this case another 11 months to get your full 12 month period. 

A question that came up based on a prior video where we were talking about 30-day reviews generally is "Do retirees have to go through this?" Generally speaking and this is a little bit different from office to office, but our experience has always been, no it is all dealt with. It is front-loaded and so long as the applicant meets the requirements facially at the time they apply, generally speaking we see them being able to get their Retirement Visa often times on the spot. Now again they can be subjected to review but if you clearly meet the requirements and many folks do because things like the bank account can clearly be seen; things like insurance coverage can clearly be seen at the time the application is lodged. Immigration Officers just say "yeah there is no point in clogging up our backlog any more than is necessary and we oftentimes see these issued sort of on the same day". 

Again, office to office things may change; protocols may change. It is possible that 30-day reviews can be required but for the most part it has been our experience in a practical sense that "no retirees here in Thailand are generally speaking not subject to this initial 30-day review." They file and then usually they know the outcome of the review of the filing on the day that they file.