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Thai Retirement Visas: What If I Have a Criminal History?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests we are discussing Thai Retirement Visas. We are specifically discussing Thai Retirement Visas in the context of criminal background checks.

For those who are unaware, during the process of applying for a Retirement Visa to Thailand, one of the evidentiary requirements is that one prove they do not have a criminal background and they need to do this by providing essentially a police clearance or a background check documentation from a Police Authority in the United States, for example FBI works, State Police; it may be possible to get some documentation of lack of a criminal history from State Police in the United States. Again it is going to vary from country to country. 

The thrust of this video is "What if I have a criminal background? What if I have a history? I have been charged, convicted or pled to crimes in the past?" Under those circumstances, it is going to be very, very I won't say difficult but it could impact your ability to get a Thai Visa. For this reason, it is probably a good idea to contact a legal professional and I say that because it is going to depend on the situation. For example if you got a DUI in the United States for example driving under the influence or something, which is not a totally uncommon thing, it may be possible to deal with that. However, if you have got major convictions for serious crimes that could pose a serious problem and it may preclude you from even getting a visa to Thailand. It could actually preclude you from ever entering Thailand depending on the circumstances. 

We have made other videos on this channel where we have discussed certain sex offenders are just proactively barred from traveling to Thailand through various systems Thailand uses to monitor those entering the country, most notably the app system. We have noticed folks who have been basically precluded from even boarding the flight to come to Thailand due to a criminal history that is in their file if you will and the Thai Government may have access to it. 

Long story short, if you have a criminal background and you still want to come to Thailand to retire, it may be possible. It depends on the specific facts of your case. Again, it may be a good idea to contact a legal professional and gain some insight and guidance into how best to proceed.