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Thai Single Entry Tourist Visas Are Not "Long Stay" Visas

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing Thai Tourist Visas.

I want to be clear, Thai Tourist visas should not be viewed as long stay visas. What I mean to stay say is we have made another video on this channel regarding the possibility of Tourist Visas which have recently opened up for certain Americans but the criteria have been heightened. There is a lot higher financial criteria associated with the possibility of a Tourist Visa for Thailand. 

The other thing to bear in mind and we quoted from the Thai Embassy website in DC, a Thai Tourist Visa, a single entry Thai Tourist Visa is exactly that. It is a 60-day Visa with the option to obtain 30 more days here in Thailand. From everything that we are reading and from our research, this is not a Special Tourist Visa in the sense that it is one of these “long stay” visas. Standard single entry Thai Tourist Visas are what they are. They are a single entry Thai Tourist Visa and they should not be viewed as akin to this Special Tourist Visa. I want to be very clear about that because I have had people contact me and they have been kind of confused about this. It is not a long-term visa but by its very nature.

If you are looking to come to Thailand for a long-term purpose, for example retirement, it may be better to look at a Retirement Visa. If you are looking to come here to do business, the Business Visa. If you have Thai family, if you have a Thai spouse or children or even a Thai parent, a Thai Non-immigrant O visa based on Thai family members may be maybe a better option than seeking a Tourist Visa. Again, Tourist Visas are exactly for their purpose described and they are not meant for someone to come to Thailand and use that travel document to live here.