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Thai Special Tourist Visas and Property Title Deeds

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the "Special Tourist Visa" yet again. 

Now this is a topic that has been on the lips of many in recent weeks and it has now apparently come to fruition. The Cabinet apparently has approved it and as of the time of this video, it is pretty shortly after we have gotten word that it has been approved, but a recent article from the Nation, that is, the article is titled: Cabinet Okays 9 Month Visas for Foreigners. Under the qualifications associated with application for this Visa the following quotation could be found: Evidence of long-term residents in Thailand such as hotel reservation; rental contract in Thailand; contract in Traveler's name or that of family members residing in Thailand or title deed of a purchased unit." 

We have done a video previously on this channel where there was talk basically that there was going to be some kind of dispensation made for those who have property in Thailand, residential or otherwise, and we were discussing in that video the talk amongst the government that "Hey, we have got these folks out there that own property in Thailand. Could there possibly be a way in which to bring those folks back in?" Now it explicitly appears that that will be the case: Title deed of a purchase unit. Now presumably they are talking about a purchased condo unit as condominiums, pursuant to the Thai Condominium Act, can be purchased by a foreigner in Thailand. Real property in terms of land for example, cannot directly be purchased by a foreigner in Thailand. There may be ways in which a foreign national can enjoy prolonged enjoyment or usage of Thai property in terms of real estate, that is land, but it does appear that some sort of special dispensation is being made in the context of a "Special Tourist Visa" to allow folks who do have residences here in Thailand to go ahead and obtain a travel document in order to travel to the Kingdom and take up their residence herein.