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Is Thai Tourism Entering a "Brave New World"?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing "the Brave New World" of Thai Tourism and Immigration measures and public health measures.  

I am usually not one to do sort of op-ed on what is going on but this was a little bit more than even I could sort of stay away from personally. I specifically cited "Brave New World" because I view Brave New world in Orwell's 1984 as companions along the same guideline and "Brave New World" basically narrated a future in which you had more control, a more totalitarian type control in the government but it was not the iron fist that was in 1984, it was a little bit more shall we say it was a bit more of a soft touch if you will for lack of a better term. Now I want to be clear, I am not saying that anyone is advocating anything akin to overly status methodologies associated with Immigration or being in Thailand. I am a naturalized Thai citizen; I very much like Thailand; I love Thailand and I like living here. That stated, some recent information that came to my purview and I thought it warranted mentioning. 

In a recent article from and it is my understanding that is citing The Daily News, that is, the article is titled: Visit Thailand but Conditions Apply: Tracking Devices, Set Routes away from Thais and “COVID” Minders Mooted. Quoting directly: Dr. Tharet Krasnairawiwong, Director General of the Health Service Support Department has proposed the latest plan for short-term stay tourists." Quoting further: "Here are the conditions that would allow tourists to perhaps leave their quarantine rooms: they will have to wear tracking devices to monitor their every movement; they will have to stick to routes where other Thai people do not go; they must not veer off course at all; they will have to be followed around 24/7 by “COVID” minders to ensure they don't stray and are healthy; they will be encouraged to do fresh air activities.  Golf was mentioned in the Daily News story as a possibility. Despite these extraordinary restrictions Dr. Tharet is convinced this is the way forward to kick start the Thai economy and get the tourism ball rolling again".   

I truly believe everyone involved at a policy level in the business community associated with tourism and in the more tertiary aspects of the tourism economy here in Thailand, everybody wants tourism back. Now there are those that feel and view the public health considerations as heavily outweighing the considerations to the economy and tourism. That stated, I think everyone is well intentioned but I have heard it said by a former Supreme Court Justice, that the "road to hell is paved with good intentions" and I have to say that just as a person that comes from a legal background, especially in the United States, I do feel that maybe it is very warranted to seriously consider these provisions being implemented, or I should say reconsider or really take a breath before implementing these levels of tracking, monitoring, control, for lack of a better term on prospective tourists because it really begs the question "would tourists actually come to Thailand if all of these measures were imposed?" I mean how welcome would one feel in the country that impose these kind of measures? 

Now that being stated, I am not saying that certain protocols need to be undertaken in order to try and mitigate or forestall public health concerns. That stated there is a realm of reasonable that I would say is out there and then there is getting into the realm of less than reasonable, let's call it that. Again my only comment on a personal level would be let's really, really rethink the notion of tracking and tracing and having "COVID  minders" before implementing policy that might end up getting set in such a way that could have a substantial impact on future tourism coming to the Kingdom of Thailand.