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Thai Visa 90 Day Reporting: Online vs. In-Person

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the 90 day report. For those who are unaware, those who are in Thailand on a Non-immigrant visa extension so that could be for a Thai Retirement Visa for example, it could be for a Thai Marriage Visa, it could be for a Thai Business Visa, it could be for Thai Education Visa or a Thailand Elite Visa for that matter; any type of Non-immigrant Visa category that provides a longer amount of lawful status in Thailand that goes over 90 days, non-immigrants in Thailand need to report to Thai Immigration as to an updated filing as to their address; so they need to provide the information as to where they are staying, where they are living. 

So recently, with this Coronavirus outbreak we have been dealing with a lot of inquiries regarding 90- day reporting and people have been saying: "Do they want us to come in in person? Do they want us to do it online?"  So let's go ahead and deal with a recent article from the Phuket News, that is, the article is titled: Immigration Looks to Cut Crowding: Wants 90 day Report to be Made Online. Quoting directly from that article: "Foreigners living in Thailand are being asked to process their 90-day reports at home via an online platform or more traditionally by post, Immigration Bureau Deputy Spokesman Pakkhapong Saiubon said yesterday March 25th."  Quoting further:  "Applicants are usually required to report in person to Immigration Offices to complete the procedure. At Immigration Bureau’s Division 1 on Chaengwattana Road yesterday the office was so overcrowded that people were forced to wait in a nearby compound.”  So 90-day reports are still required. The regulations regarding Non-immigrant visas are still required. 

As noted in a recent article from the Bangkok Post, this was published April 6th, 2020, the article is titled: Immigration Bureau Pursues Visa Relief for Foreigners. Quoting directly: "The proposed measure however won't apply to those foreigners who are working in or have a family in Thailand. They will still be required to report to Immigration Authorities regularly he said."  So again, B Visa holders, O Visa holders, O-A Visa holders, ED Visa holders, M Visa holders; anybody who had to deal with 90-day reporting before this Coronavirus issue came up, you are still going to have to deal with it. 

Now, they are trying to encourage folks to do this from a distance, so online or by post. We have gotten a number of enquiries and we have assisted a number of clients in dealing with the online reporting and the mail in reporting. If you are having problems with the online don't get frustrated, you are not the only one.  Thai Immigration is doing their best to try and deal with this and facilitate folks as best they can. That being said, this is an unprecedented situation and you are also seeing a lot of strain being put on the resources of Thai Immigration because they have got a lot of folks who otherwise never use Thai Immigration. They would never go down to a Thai immigration office. For example, foreign nationals who come in to Thailand on a 30-day exemption stamp and stay for two weeks, they are never going to go to Thai immigration but a lot of them are now because they have been stranded as a result of either Coronavirus problems with respect to their flights or problems with respect to Coronavirus outbreak in their home country; they can't go back, various things happening. Certain nationals are being precluded from going back to their own home countries in all of this. 

So the thing to take away from this video, it is possible to do a 90-day report online, it is possible to do a 90-day report by post. If you are having trouble with either of those I suggest you contact a competent Legal professional to assist you with that. We deal with it rather frequently. We are happy to talk to you about it but it still needs to be done if you are on a Non-immigrant Visa here in the Kingdom of Thailand.