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Thai Visa Exemptions Are Back But Are They Easy?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, yes there is very good news insofar as Thai Visa Exemption Stamps are back. They have been reinstituted and in fact based on the reports that we are reading, it looks like they are going to be issued with a 45-day validity that is at least at present to account for the 14-day quarantine folks have to undergo in order to travel in to Thailand. 

The question I have had from a lot of folks is "Well what is this looking like?” and "Is it going to be easy to do?" Long story short is it is definitely not easy compared to what it was prior to this COVID response and the implementation of the Emergency Decree. One of the major factors of this is what is called the Certificate of Entry. A Certificate of Entry is going to be required for every entrant to Thailand; this includes Thai nationals currently as well so that should be noted.

Yes the Exemption is back in force but as a practical matter you are still going to need go ahead and go through the Embassy in order to get your Certificate of Entry. For some it may just be worth it to go ahead and get a Visa even if it is just a standard Tourist Visa because such a travel document at least confers 60 days to the bearer with the option to extend by another 30 days; so 90 days total status as opposed to simply getting 45 days. My opinion, probably under current circumstances it is probably a good idea to just go ahead and get some kind of Visa rather than just utilize the exemption. 

That stated, this probably is going to evolve rather quickly and we will keep you updated on its evolution and the progress thereof on this channel as things progress.