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Thai Visa Extension Stamps while Residency Applications Are Pending

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing Thai Permanent Residence. Specifically we are discussing the temporary Visa Stamp that is issued to those whose application for Thai Permanent Residence is pending.

For those who are unaware, there is a process for obtaining Lawful Permanent Residence here in the Kingdom of Thailand. You can actually apply to be conferred residence wherein you basically no longer have to leave the Kingdom. You move up, if you will from one tier to the next, under the framework set forth in the Thai Immigration Act of 1979. You are no longer a Non-immigrant Visa holder, you are an Immigrant Visa holder. There are a number of benefits to this. Most notably folks that are in Immigrant Visa status no longer need to deal with 90-day reporting, they don't need to deal with TM30 anymore and they don't need to deal with actual Visa status extension here in the Kingdom of Thailand. Once their residence is conferred, they are resident. If they never leave Thailand again they don't really have to deal with extension of status. 

Now that said, when one is applying for Permanent Residence, generally speaking there is an adjudicatory period. That usually lasts, it depends on the case, but it can last from 1 up to maybe a few years depending on circumstances. In the past, there was a heavy backlog; things took quite some time. Recently that backlog has been cleared up and we are seeing things process more in increments of months rather than years, I will put it that way. That stated, while the adjudication is pending you can maintain status in Thailand with a stamp that is issued every 6 months that notes that your PR application is pending. Now for a number of reasons, this may not be the optimal way to maintain status in this. It is probably a good idea to contact the legal professional gain some insight and guidance into how to deal with this but long story short, yeah there may be better ways of dealing with those most notably I call it backstopping, where you have another Visa status running concurrently with these stamps. 

That stated while one's PR application is pending here in Thailand, it is possible to maintain status in the Kingdom based on stamps that are issued in 6 month increments up until a final decision is reached regarding the Permanent Residence application.