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Thai Visas for Expat Property Owners in Thailand?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing Thai visas for those who own property in Thailand.

This has been the topic that has been on the lips of many expats. They have said to me by email, they have said to me in person too that they know people that are not able to re-enter Thailand notwithstanding the fact that they own property in Thailand. 

We recently came across this from the Royal Thai Embassy in London, England. It is from their website specifically. It is a specific subsection that states: For Non-Thai who Own Property in Thailand: Quoting directly: "While Thailand still puts in place travel restriction, foreigners who own property in Thailand can apply for a non-B Visa", oddly enough. They opened up the B category for property owners, "and the Certificate of Entry to go to Thailand. Quoting directly: "Required documents:  your passport copy, copy of property ownership document in Thailand", we are going to make some other videos subsequent to this one getting into that kind of documentation,  "or proof of purchase of property and relevant documents, copy of bank statements of a Thai bank account", and this is key, "with a deposit at 3 million Baht or that is £77,000, British pounds, or Thai Government bonds at least 3 million baht, copy of a bank statement of a UK/Irish bank account with deposit at least 500,000 Baht or approximately £12,800 for the last 6 months." So on top of a Thai bank account with at least 3 million, you also have to show a UK/Irish bank account at least 500,000; declaration form; copy of flight confirmation, a copy of Alternative State Quarantine booking confirmation."  So to be gleaned from the information on the Royal Thai Embassy's website in London, England or the UK, it looks like Yes property owners can get apparently a Business Visa, a Non-immigrant B Visa, but they have to be able to show 3 million baht in a Thai bank account plus UK or Irish bank account with at least 500,000 Baht balance for the last 6 months. So it is strictly speaking for property owners because property is one of the prongs or one of the elements for Visa issuance but it also appears that certain financial requirements are associated with this Visa. 

So for those who are looking into this Visa, it may be a good idea to contact a legal professional as there may be more options than just this specific type of Visa but it is good news that we are seeing further broadening of the categories of folks if you will, whatever you want to call it, the numbers of people that are now more and more being eligible to return to Thailand.