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Thailand Business Visas Specifically for Teachers

Transcript of the above video:

Today, we're going to be talking about Thai business visas but from the specific perspective of those looking to teach in the Kingdom of Thailand. And the reason for doing this is business visas for teachers, especially business visas for teachers issue that Thai consulates or embassies abroad. These types of travel documents are almost their own subcategory.

In fact, I've actually often surprised that this doesn't have its own categorization because it's almost treated as a totally different animal than business visas for somebody who's just coming over here to be employed in, you know, any other kind of employment capacity. Or simply someone who has just come over here and either invest in the country or you know, set up a company and do business over here. Basically, the thing with Thai B visas for teachers, it's important to first of all note it's a different travel document. So if someone gets the wrong business visa, they get say a business visa which is basically utilized for those who wish to invest over here in Thailand, just a general business okay. And they get here and they wish to get their work permit as a teacher, the Labor Ministry is possibly and very likely going to not allow issuance of that work permit on that specific visa because it's not a B visa issued specifically for a teacher. Secondly, even if they do issue the work permit it's very possible that immigration over here will not extend the underlying visa by a year because again, the B visa was issued for business purposes and not for teaching purposes.

It seems like a really pedantic point and I know folks can be very frustrated by it but that it just is what it is. Another thing to think about is those who are in the country its teachers who wish to change their job to something else oftentimes, these folks are going to have to leave the country, get a new B visa. It’s the same category, get a new B visa and come back into the country as a new B visa holder, get a whole new work issued. Whereas folks that say work as a consultant or just as an adviser or a business person or a, you know, anything in any other capacity. You know, if they jump from say working for Bumrungard Hospital to going over and working for science cement group okay depending on what they're doing, they can actually do all of that in country.

With teachers, it's oftentimes not the case if that's possible and in fact, teachers oftentimes have to go ahead and leave, convert to a new B visa and come back again. So before even leaving one's home country, make sure to ascertain that the business visa being issued to come to Thailand to teach is being issued specifically for the purpose of teaching as failure to do so can result in significant problems, frustrations, expensive time and expensive resources.