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Thailand Elite Program: Elite Superiority Extension Membership

Transcript of the above video:

In this video, as the title suggests, we are going to be discussing the Thailand Elite Card in one of the specific subcategories specifically the Elite Superiority Extension Membership.

As discussed in other videos on this channel, we have delved into all of the subcategories with respect to the Thailand Elite Card as they are different variations on a main overriding theme with respect to the Thailand Elite Card, that overriding theme being long-term stay in Thailand at sort of a VIP level. Now various of these cards cost different, have different prices associated with them, they also have different benefits associated with them. For many I suspect that this specific subcategory is going to be, there is going to be many who are really from this category as it's sort of optimizes the visa benefit with respect to the Elite Program. So again it’s the Elite Superiority Extension Membership. Membership validity: 20 years, membership fee: 1 million Thai baht VAT included, condition: non-transferable non-refundable, so that's a one-time non-refundable fee of 1 million Baht but it's 20 year membership which results in prospectively 20 years of lawful status within the immigration program, well presumably, as we get to here, again, this all comes from which is the website of the Thailand Elite Program and we are quoting directly here. Privilege entry Visa: renewable 5 year multiple entry Visa with extendable one year length of stay for each entry. So there is going to be a sticker that is valid for five years that's entered into the passport, it's going to be five different times presumably over the course of the 20 year membership period, okay, and then upon entry, one is granted one-year lawful status which can be extended in the country. Arrival and departure: VIP greeting and escort on arrival and departure by Elite personal assistance, expedited immigration passport control processing, exclusive arrival and departure lounges; there are certain government assistance associated with this. Other benefits include special discounts at King Power Duty Free branches, hotels, resorts and dining establishments, leading department stores, shopping malls and member contact center in the mother tongue of many of the folks that are going to be wanting to go ahead and use this program, English and various other East Asian languages are going to be spoken fluently by those on that hotline. The thing to note with respect to this particular category is it's a one-time non-transferable category that pertains to one Singular individual only. There is no such a family attachment that can be brought on with respect to this category but for 1 million baht, one is essentially putting himself in the position that prospectively have 20 years of status moving into the future so long as everything remains the same within the confines of the program in the Thailand Elite Card. So for many, this can be a very optimal way of maintaining long-term status in the Kingdom. It should be noted that in the future things could theoretically change. I don't particularly foresee that happening but they could, but the visas will be issued in five-year sort increments and I suspect that that's probably going to happen prospectively into the future.  So again the things to take away from this video is those who are interested in long-term stay in Thailand to the tune of 20 years, it's possible to do that with the initial investment, for lack of better term, or the initial payment of a fee for the Elite Program of 1 million Baht VAT inclusive.