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Thailand Elite Visa Card Program: Elite Privilege Access Membership

Transcript of the above video:

In this video today, as the title suggests, we are going to be delving further into another subcategory of the Thailand Elite program. There are other videos on this site, or on this channel I should say, which deal specifically with other subcategories in Thailand Elite program.

For those who are unaware, the Thailand Elite Program is a program designed for folks with certain types of resources who can go ahead and pay into a sort of  VIP program in order to have certain benefits here in the Kingdom which include immigration and  visa benefits which may or may not be available to most other folks, in fact in most cases a lot of these visas are not going to be available to other folks and the other nice thing with respect to Elite status is one does not have to fall into a category like business visa, marriage visa, retirement visa, education visa, media visa etc., one of these specific categories. If one is able to meet the fee threshold, one can go ahead and get a long term visa here in Thailand basically without much more qualification. That being said, it should be noted, the folks associated and the officers associated with the processing of both the visa and the membership do do something of a background check with respect to each respective applicant in order to ascertain that they are indeed who they say they are, that they are not somebody who is particularly undesirable for both presence in the Kingdom as well as presence in the program. So today we are going to be talking specifically about the Elite Privileged Access Membership. A couple of things with respect to the benefits: The membership validity on this is 10 years; you can add additional folks and for those additional people will be valid for a period equal to the remaining “quote-unquote “core” member. The membership fee is 1 million baht, the additional membership fee is Baht 800,000; for both of these are VAT included; with respect to the additional member fee that's Baht 800,000 per person, each. There is a membership transfer: there is a one-time transferability, only to an immediate family member, and that is going to be as defined by the folks in the Elite Program; it’s non-refundable. Basically there is a renewable 5 year multiple entry visa with extendable one-year length of stay for each entry, and there’s going to be two of those as it is overall 10 years. As far as arrival and departure benefits, VIP greeting and escort on an arrival and departure by Elite Personal Assistant, expedited immigration passport control processing, exclusive arrival and departure lounges, complimentary short haul  round-trip limousine transfer 18 times per year so long as it is in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket and Samui to international flights. There is complementary health check-ups associated with this specific one, certain assistance with government services, special discounts at King Power, as well as golf courses, spas, hotels, dining establishments,  leading department stores and shopping malls here in the Kingdom. So this is kind of a more, I don't know how you would phrase the term, it is a bit of a more, it's definitely got all the “bells and whistles”.

There are many more perks associated with this particular Card, it has a 10-year visa so for purposes of Thai visa issues you have got 10 years if you've got this Card but it also has things like golf privileges, spa privileges. As noted it has certain hospital privileges and 18 uses of limousine transport to the airport and from the airport in a given year. So there is quite a few benefits associated with this subcategory of the Elite Program and it is notable that the visa itself is shorter than some of the others, but the privileges are significant so it should be noted that there are going to be those that are probably going to be interested in this program specifically for the privileges and there are other folks that are interested in this program specifically for the visa benefits. So, again everybody is going to be different which is why there's a reason for doing all these videos with respect to all the sub categories  in order to provide folks with some further insight into the specifics of each subcategory and how they operate sort of on an individual level.