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The Thailand eVisa System

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the Thai e-Visa system.  Let me be clear.  This is an online system. They have rolled this out. This is something of a sea change. It is a pretty major development. Certain nationalities can use this eVisa platform but let me be clear; it is a visa on arrival system. Certain countries don't even need this. For example, those with an American passport are automatically issued a 30-day stamp at entry to the Kingdom, if you haven't been living here on prolonged 30-day stamps etc., if you are just first time coming in the Kingdom 30 day stamp at the Airport; not a big issue.  Again, we have done a lot of videos about people using 30-day stamps to try and live here etc.; that's a totally different issue. I am talking about tourists here. But certain nationalities don't have Visa exemption status and those folks need a visa on arrival. There is now an eVisa system. I suspect this is going to be rolled out with more frequency as far as the countries it pertains to as time goes on. You can find this at

We are just going to go ahead and throw up some stuff from the website so you can see:

Step 1. Apply online 

Step 2. Pay eVisa on arrival fee online

Step 3. eVisa on arrival sent for Processing 

Step 4. Print e-Visa on arrival, pre-approved online

And then you know, the stamps apply online. Choose your nationality, arrival Airport, arrival date, click on apply now,  fill in passenger details, upload files, passport page, airline ticket, accommodation documents, check your details, submit it. File and then it comes out online. So it should be noted yes there is the requirement that you have to upload various I would presume PDF documentation pertaining to the individual applying so the Visa process is becoming much more digitized. 

That's basically the thing to take away from this video there is a new eVisa system in place. It is a visa on arrival system so those seeking things like Business Visas, or Retirement Visas or Marriage Visas; it doesn't pertain to that. This is simply, in my opinion I think it's been designed to facilitate further tourism in the Kingdom to allow people to go ahead and get their visa on arrival more quickly abroad and go ahead and come into the Kingdom in a smoother manner.

The thing to take away from this video is there is an eVisa system. I personally believe that as time goes on we are going to see many of these protocols implemented in a much broader fashion so I could see something five, ten years from now where many visas including B Visa category, Retirement Visa, Marriage Visa might be adjudicated in much the same way that this system adjudicates visa on arrivals now. 

 We will keep you updated on this channel as these things have all but for now the thing to take away yes there is an eVisa system. It is rather limited and for most people is not really even all that relevant especially those coming from certain Western countries. But as time progresses I think it is going to be a system that many people are going to get used to dealing with in days in the future.