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Thailand Moves On Vaccine Passports as WHO Rejects Usage

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing yet again vaccine passports. We have been talking about this a lot. As noted in prior videos, Thailand is moving ahead on this and most notably we are going to go ahead and put this on screen, there is a provisional vaccine passport book and we are going to go ahead and throw that up there.

In a recent article from Bangkok Post, that is, the article is titled: Passport to Prosperity. Quoting directly: "May I see your vaccine passport? You will be asked to demonstrate proof of shots everywhere, be it airport, shops or events until the Coronavirus outbreak is bay. If you leaf through history, you will find their predecessors. In the past, travelers carried International Certificates of Vaccination to show at the Port of Entry where they visited. Yellow Fever risk areas such as Africa and Latin America, and they go on in this article." I have got to be honest with you, and I am making another video contemporaneously with this one, "may I see your vaccine passport?" sounds an awful lot like "papers please". I understand the need for a certain level of precaution associated with this stuff. Yeah, it is true, there were yellow fever travel documents issued. Thailand used to require that, it is my understanding back some 30 odd years ago. They were not required at shops or events so let's be sort of clear about that. They were required at ports of entry and I have made a lot of videos on this channel. Yeah there is a history of that. Sovereign Nations can make requirements with respect to certain vaccinations that they want folks who are coming to their country, especially foreign nationals coming to their country, to obtain before they enter their country but this notion of shops and events, to lump that in as if that is part of the historical narrative, I find that to be a little bit specious. More to the point, look we have discussed this at length. It may become, as we have discussed in another video on this channel, Certificates of Entry may morph into Vaccination Certificates moving forward although when and how exactly that occurs remains to be seen. At what point this abates, at what point this fades from the requirements again remains to be seen. As they sort of imply, again from that quoting directly: "you will be asked to demonstrate proof of shots everywhere until the Coronavirus outbreak is kept at bay." Well when is that? I mean it is difficult to predict that but presumably, okay sometime in the future it will be determined that you no longer need this documentation. We have done videos on this. I think Vaccine Passports, there is a historical precedent for them again Yellow Fever documentation etc., but the implications of this modern iteration as I have gone over in other videos on this channel, it has some Orwellian overtones, not to mention the Orwellian and even Huxleyan (Huxley who wrote Brave New World) some undertones of all of that as well.

Interestingly though, the WHO, and this is, in a recent statement, the statement is: Statement on the 7th Meeting of the International Health Regulations Emergency Committee regarding the Coronavirus Disease, quoting directly: "Health measures in relation to international traffic: 10. "do NOT require proof of vaccination as a condition of entry given the limited, although growing evidence about the performances of vaccines in reducing transmission and the persistent inequity in the global vaccine distribution. States Parties are strongly encouraged to acknowledge the potential for requirements of proof of vaccination to deepen inequities and promote differential freedom of movement." I think that is very interesting that WHO brings up a really good point, which is documentation regarding one's fitness to fly or one's health; look we had travel restrictions regarding folks that had HIV/AIDS to go into America not long ago. I do understand, there are disease protocols. There are public health and safety issues that come up in the context of international travel but those do need to be weighed against issues surrounding personal freedom; human rights; right to travel; these kind of notions; privacy to say the least. I think we need to look at that even when the situation is the most dire because it is pretty easy to just cast these notions aside and then you wake up one day and you have got to send your entire case history patient file from your private physician to anybody that wants to see it. I am not trying to use hyperbole or make a false straw man argument or something. What I am saying is, yeah, vaccine passports, not even that, just documentation pertaining to one's inoculation history, it makes a certain degree of sense, especially in a historical context. I do get it especially where you are dealing with international travel but to just all lump that together with documentation that you need to just go about your daily life, that seems a little bit chilling, at least from my perspective.